Point of Difference

Combining location, technology & more to produce the highest quality crops


All growing and packing facilities are situated in the heart of Scotland’s fertile arable soils. The geographical spread of our production allows less flushing and more consistent supply of both availability and quality.


All ESG’s crops, 100% of them, have the capacity to be irrigated during the drier periods of our season. Ultimately ensuring excellent quality and freshness through the summer months, all thanks to our beloved Scottish climate.


ESG members have invested heavily into state of the art high humidity cold stores; collectively our members have approximately 1,000,000 cubic feet of cold storage. Our aim is to ensure that all produce is in a cold store within 60-120 minutes of harvesting, ensuring produce maintains its ultimate freshness.


State of the art weather stations are used in all our growing areas to monitor and predict the weather which greatly aids us in all aspects of planning and production. It enables us to highlight optimum timing of all cultivations, irrigation, pest and disease control, as well as harvesting


ESG carry out extensive trial work including variety trials, new crop trials, product handling trials and many more. Through the growing season, on ESG members farms we will manage and monitor in excess of 300 trial plots per year.